At some point, any intelligent human being must come to the realization that social media hot-spots like facebook and snapchat are more  illusion than reality. Have we become so disconnected with actual human beings that we believe their staged photos and uniform facial expressions on all their posts? People who often times are extremely shy in public, when alone with their phones they become arrogant and obsessed with selfies and suddenly endless hysterical moments begin to occur at  the exact moment the photo was taken. Make it a flawless photo then post it with a trendy hashtag and see how many likes you get. That is how awesome you are now…(47 likes awesome)
There is no disagree button . People quickly abandon any interest in anyone who expresses any disagreement with a statement they make because they can no longer cope with rejection of any kind. They didnt make the post for anyone to challenge the issue they put forth…it was posted however for you to like it. And all the other people who love your friend that you disagreed with on facebook suddenly rally together up in arms against you in defense of their friend So eager to defend the ego. Nearly 100% of the posts i see about peoples family is that they are all beautiful and amazing. Why? Your love for them maybe be beautiful and amazing but not EVERY child out there is. Most babies are cute but most are not beautiful. Many people have funny looking families but you love them but you tell them its beautiful. What about expressing the importance of activism, environmental responsibility and involvement? What about helping at the nursing home or helping single moms with babysitting needs?  What are the real priorities we are validating? Today’s teenager has spent every breath on this planet being told they are beautiful and amazing  and have had thousands and thousands of photos taken and uploaded of them since before they were born. HOw amazing are they when they just become these needy entitled , young adults with depression though blessed with more “things” than any human has had in the history of humans?  Today’s teens are less involved in community activism and volunteering and actual physical groups in the community like 4- H and campfire girls. People live in communities  with yards and even sidewalks yet noone is outside except when doing yardwork. You keep yards to never play in them yet you donot grow food or know much about your neighbors though you have lived beside them half your life and you take your dogs to the park but not your children. Does anyone else notice these things? Parents volunteer rate in every school across America has plummeted in the past 20 years. Most teens in America have a car paid for by someone else with insurance for that car paid for by someone else. Most of America’s youth do not have any savings whatsoever or a job yet they have a smartphone attached to a data plan. Raised and groomed their entire lives by parents who were also given more than they earned themselves, to be veracious consumers. So much so, that by the time  they graduate high school ,  they have endless access to the world wide web, ownership of some high-tech gaming system or computer device all  paid for by someone else yet no library card. They graduate high school at 18 but are not registered to vote. Most of them donot  vote or sew or tie knots or cook. Most high school graduates have no idea how to grow their own food and neither do their parents! If a major natural disaster were to hit, most people would not be able to make it without a local store or drive thru window to get food. This should  scare the hell out of us. A major epidemic as history has shown us , is inevitable especially in a day where the largest population of humans exist than ever before and should this occur in our lifetime, there would be riots when the store shelves went empty and the communities were all put on lockdown and quarantined off from one another. We have bought into the matrix. We are so disconnected by being connected to the  cyber highway. If we continue this way, any major event would cause utter chaos and needless suffering. We no longer know how to take care of ourselves. We all play a role in this endless cycle of chasing dreams  of grandeur and becoming less active in the community and in our families lives. Everyone learns that through social media, you can have more control over the responses  and reactions you seek from others. People no longer want truth or direction other than the one they are on and hiding behind an electronic device allows you a bravery to spout your impulsive thoughts without any risk of dealing with the repercussions of actual confrontation. In a sense it  is this way of cheating your way through actually dealing with others yet reaping rewards in your own reality as if you did. I saw a post the other day from a person on my friend’s list that espouses to a strong christian faith and for us all to love one another  no matter what. Yet her posts at times are sarcastic memes about how things that others  do are “gross”. I wanted to disagree with her , especially that particular post but i knew I would cause a shitstorm of responses in defense of her. This particular post was about places where there should be NO body hair and if there is than you are gross. I saw this post as similar to judging someone for wearing a hijab or a habit. Or women who wore jeans or modest gowns. We have far greater things in the nation to concern ourselves with than harshing on others for their own customs that harm noone else. I think that obesity issues of this nation are gross. Fat America raising fat kids are gross to me. But i am not going to post  memes about it even though it seems a valid issue that is grossly overlooked in this country.  Even if i was bold enough to enter into such a risky situation online by challenging her statement using the most carefully constructed words, i still would have broken a sacred social media oath which is  to defend the human ego all costs.  Challenging someones statement in todays world is no longer allowed . At best you can hope for is being one of the hundreds that want to say something but the strongest something is watching how few likes someone gets off a snarky post.Truth is not the goal and what is truth anymore?  If i had my way, i would like to encourage others to learn to take the opinions of others into consideration. Donot always be so quick to shoot someone down because your apple phone makes  it so easy for  you to do so. Sharing big events in your life is one thing, but nothing but thousands of pics of  you posing with the  same people all the time doing nothing but posing is embarrassing to watch.  You know your husband is funny looking but you truly love him. Your kid looks exactly like your  husband. He is funny looking, NOT gorgeous. Please stop America. You are NOT unique for being the 1.37 millionth person to post your hug with a Starbucks togo cup. Learn to develop who you ARE not what you look like  through the filters of your choosing. I think it would be great to have an app that all your friends and family could join but all the comments and such could be anonymous so people could really tell you what  they think of the blowhard always shoving his angry opinions or of the “know-it-all” we all have  on our friends lists.  Now is the time to promote important values about living in peace with everyone different than ourselves. Today is the day for tolerance towards those we donot understand. I am interested to know your thoughts?


About sakachetan

I am feeling the calling of expression through words. We are in a unique time in our existence. Everywhere i look, it seems people are not paying much attention to the real magical happenings around us. I do not hope to suggest my ideas are a truth above all others in their personal journey...I only wish to shed a different perspective on things with an honest , sincere, optimistic and mindful approach. Ideas and opinions are like gusts of wind, disappearing as fast as they came. From where that is and where they are heading we do not know. Perhaps we should then consider not to hold too tight to any one idea as it has a destiny beyond us and it makes way for new ideas to come into view . Sharing the truth in our hearts is the key to all things in life and time and movement. Thank you for sharing with me.

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