Monthly Archives: June 2016


“Let’s play” He says to me. “You’re the boss and I will do anything you say without wont or remorse…without question” “I am ready for my training.” A surge of adrenaline flows through me as he speaks.  “Hit me hard” He doesn’t mean to actually strike him but rather i should hold nothing back. I can tell he is serious and i believe him. “Ok” I say, but i wait til just the right time when the forces that control all that is beyond my control urge me to move. He is in front of me but standing back a short distance and in full view a glorious sight to behold. A tall man, with a strong physique from many  years of hard physical labor. A chiseled jawline and big full lips and a perfect smile. His long hair hangs there in full rebellion as if hoping to escape the confines of the mans scalp. The look of desire in his eyes tells me I have his full attention. Standing there face to face , this slight distance between us, the silence…..the waiting….I can hardly stand the tension.

“Approach me”I say to  him and he takes a few steps towards me. “Come into my space” as i say this he slowly makes one more move and he is as close as he can be without touching me. The desire between us is palpable. Barely over five feet tall, I am slightly overwhelmed by the energy of this man who is well over six feet tall. I look up at him and command him to kneel down. His eyes remain fixed upon mine and he obeys my orders and slowly lowers himself to the ground. I take in his scent as the air from above me descends behind him and it is electrifying as i stand before him inhaling his essence. Like a panther seducing her prey before she attacks and feasts on it, i move around him and breathe him into me. “Now i want you to undress” I can barely get the words out i am so intoxicated by his masculinity but he hears me and begins to unbutton his shirt. I move into the nape of his neck and take a deep breath in and try not to touch him as he removes the rest of his clothes. In this position of submission he continues to keep his gaze upon me. I am standing slightly above him now and I can see that he is throbbing hard. I can feel the air pass between us and its electric. He begins to breathe me into him and my nipples quickly engorge as my heart rate increases…pumping blood through me faster…heating me up.The hair allover my body stands on end in full attention of his breath ON and around me. I love this tease. My mouth begins to water and the surface of my entire body begins to tingle as i absorb his energy and let it spark against me. I kneel down in front of him and sit down on my feet and spread my bent legs …thighs seperate wide and i sit back. Sitting before him i admire every line, every curve. These moments are the moments i live for. The closeness, the craving, the calm before the storm. I take his warm hand into mine and and pull it towards me and slide his fingers under my dress, between my legs and across the opening of my lips. The chi in his hands is so powerful as he caresses the edges of my soft lips  that i tense and juice flows from me onto his fingers. A profound fire ignites between us as i take one of his fingers and slowly push it up inside me. It is soo warm and wet inside me that he lets out a moan and the deeper he pushes , the wetter he makes me. He then very slowly pulls himself back out and the energy moves down away from me and towards him. My hips cannot help but begin to grind as we sit there on the floor facing one another. He is so fucking sexy and hard and the blood pumping through him makes his lips red and swollen. His eyes are dilated and he is so close to me i can tell his mouth is watering too. He takes his wet finger and brings it to his nose to breathe in my wet aroma. I take it back and put it into my mouth gently sucking off my own creamy sex. Warm wet finger meets warm wet mouth and as i taste myself i am so charged i feel as if i could cream right there splayed out in front of him still grinding my hips. (to be continued)